Sculptra – t

Sculptra Aesthetic is now FDA approved for cosmetic use.

Sculptra is the trade name for the substance Polylactic acid (PLA). PLA is a simple synthesized sugar that once injected into an area, gradually stimulates the production of collagen. It can be used to naturally fill out cheeks, temples and the hollow under your eyes with your own collagen.

The product is designed to breakdown naturally into lactic acid which your body has a natural pathway to further breakdown into carbon dioxide and water. The results, in general persist through 25 months (greater than 2 years) with some patients obtaining even longer lasting results.

Dr. Doug Mest and Dr. Gail Humble participated in the original FDA study for Sculptra approval in the US in 2004, and have been using the material since 2001. They have the most experience in the US with this product, and because of this have been retained as consultants for the company that manufactures it, Dermik Labs Bridegwater NJ,USA.

Their experience is sought out by other physicians across the country in the proper use and maximum benefit when using Sculptra. They have presented their ongoing research with PLA at various medical conferences for the past 5 years and have published their findings in leading medical journals. See our press page for these and other publications.

So what is Polylactic Acid/Sculptra?

Polylactic acid is a synthesized simple sugar that is used in cosmetic practices as a soft tissue filler. This is different from other soft tissue fillers in many ways. First, it lasts through 2 years, and in some patients even longer. Second it can be used as a volume filler, more like fat grafting but with none of the down time and necessary donor site removed. Its viability once placed is not variable as in fat transfers. As one ages their cheeks, under eyes and even chin and neck loose volume. Instead of pulling this tissue back, Sculptra allows us to add back the volume in a simple half hour office procedure. A lot of the initial studies were done in patients that have HIV and facial wasting. Nothing is more deforming or devastating than this. In our Before and After photos you will see the amazing results of Sculptra and its application in any patient that has lost volume due to aging. The process of facial fat loss is called lipoatrophy.

How is the procedure done?

A single procedure involves injecting Sculptra into the areas to be treated, This is done with a nerve block which makes the entire procedure painless. The procedure is repeated at five to six week intervals. The entire process takes approximately one half an hour. The exact number of sessions needed to fill the area being treated depends on the depth of the original deficit. Sculptra can be used to augment as well as fill. It can build out one’s chin and fill in large areas of acne depressed scars. The average face looses 4 to 5 cc of volume per year. The result is a downward pull and Sculptra can give this volume back resulting in a more youthful appearance.