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Dr. Mest is a pioneer in the use of Sculptra: he was the principal investigator on the US clinical trial that lead to FDA approval. He has also numerous TV appearances including Discovery Channel and … More about Home Slide 3 – Sculptra

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Dr. Mest and his staff take great pride in offering state of the art medical aesthetic treatments to help patients look their best. The office staff is carefully trained, and is always recognized for their … More about Home Slide 2 – Staff

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Dr. Mest believes one’s outer appearance should reflect one’s inner peace and strength. He combines concern and compassion with technical skill, to individualize each treatment plan.


Radiesse volumizing, wrinkle filler

Radiesse, formerly Radiance, contains Bio-Stimulants that helps the body produce its own collagen, thereby creating natural and long-lasting results. Dr Mest serves on the Medical Education Faculty for Merz Aesthetics. … More about Radiesse



Botox, the number one cosmetic treatment in the US, eliminates certain wrinkles by stopping the movement that causes them in the first place. Dr Mest is part of the Brilliant Distinctions Program, only available to certain offices. … More about Botox


Sculptra allows for gradual and long lasting correction of volume defects and contour deficiencies. Dr Mest was the Principal Investigator of one of two US trials that led to the FDA approval in 2004. … More about Sculptra

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